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by Огурцофф [33 Views] 2019-01-10 09:28:42
In response to: Дяде дудли в копилку by ogogo, 2019-01-10 06:18:15

Hijacking this comment because I'm really late to this thread.

The law about them being able to test you up to 3 hours after exiting your vehicle is not new. It has existed since at least 2003 (the oldest online archive).

What the new law does do, is it makes it illegal to be drunk after driving if you (the citizen) would have reason to suspect that the cops might want to chat with you.

Someone calls in saying that you're driving erratically? Unless the cops saw it or there's video, nothing is going to happen.

Got into an accident and ran over to the bar to drown your sorrows while waiting for the cops to show up? You're going to get a DUI.
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