Американские универы под влиянием китайского бабла

by John Donne [102 Views] 2019-01-10 13:52:37

All told, since 2011, Chinese sources have contributed over $426 million to 77 American universities, according to disclosures made to the US Department of Education

Universities solicited Chinese money to expand their markets.
New York University, Johns Hopkins, Duke, and others formed joint enterprises with Chinese government-run universities
to establish branch campuses, receiving generous donations of cash from the CCP and land to do so.

Academic freedom is the victim.
A recent survey of more than 500 China studies scholars in the US revealed that
about 68 percent of the respondents identified self-censorship as a problem in the field.

As Perry Link, emeritus professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton University, put it recently,
“We don’t talk about ‘Taiwan independence.’ We talk about ‘the cross-Strait relations.’
We don’t talk about ‘the occupation of Tibet.’
We don’t call the June 4th Massacre ‘massacre.’ It is June 4th ‘incident,’ or something like that.”
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