Re: вперде планеты всей - в Канаде разве не серьезнее законы ?

by Чахлик Невмирущий [48 Views] 2019-01-11 10:46:31
In response to: вперде планеты всей by born in USSR, 2019-01-11 10:11:02

Тут даже дотронуться без разрешения нельзя

Canada has a broad definition of sexual assault. It includes all unwanted sexual activity, such as unwanted sexual grabbing, kissing, and fondling as well as rape.

Sexual activity is only legal when both parties consent. Consent is defined in Canada’s Criminal Code in s. 273.1(1), as the voluntary agreement to engage in the sexual activity in question. The law focuses on what the person was actually thinking and feeling at the time of the sexual activity. Sexual touching is only lawful if the person affirmatively communicated their consent, whether through words or conduct. Silence or passivity does not equal consent.

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