в венесуеле все очень плохо

by RailGraf [95 Views] 2019-03-15 07:14:43


VENEZUELA'S brutal five-day blackout has reportedly killed 80 newborn babies at hospital and forced starving citizens to raid shops for food.

The blackouts have been called the worst in living memory and critics says they are evidence of incompetence and corruption by President Nicolas Maduro and his socialist regime

Maduro meanwhile has blamed it on an “imperialist” electromagnetic attack from the US.

The nationwide blackout has plunged the country even further into crisis.

Supermarkets have been looted as residents struggle to find food.

And security forces have been forced to round the perpetrators up and load them into trucks on mass.

Some 40 looters were arrested at one supermarket in Caracas, and were led away with their hands tied behind their backs.
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