Re: воспитывать и сохранять в детях любовь (уважение, привязанность) к родителям

by Mythbuster [28 Views] 2019-04-15 17:00:23
In response to: Re: что ты делал чтобы с твоими дочками такого не случилось? by WTF, 2019-04-15 16:40:20

Дети эволюционно созданы чтобы не жить в с родителями в одной пещере, а рисковать, искать свой путь и конфликтовать с родителями, чтобы не было кровосмешения и вырождения.

It turns out that nature endowed adolescents with risk-taking in order to get them out of the parental nest and into the wide world to start their own lives. Here you have an adolescent who almost looks like he’s trapped with his back to the wall. He needs to take a risk to get beyond his parents and his family cave and make his own way in life. What would happen if nature had given him risk-averse genes? Maybe we’d all still be living in cave!

The Evolutionary Advantages of Being a Reckless Teenager
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