ну и чем канадские тюрьмы безопаснее

by Lepsik [81 Views] 2019-10-09 22:43:47

KITCHENER — Accused serial child predator Timi Gusak has died, his defence lawyer says.

"My heart goes out to all involved — the family of the accused, the family of the alleged victims," Lakin Afolabi said in an interview Wednesday night.

He said Gusak's father confirmed the death on Wednesday.

Gusak, 32, of Milton was charged with sexually assaulting three young girls in Waterloo Region between October 2013 and July of this year. He also faced three counts of sexual interference and one count of possession of child pornography.

Gusak had been held at Maplehurst jail in Milton after being denied bail late last month. It is unclear where he died or when.

Afolabi said Gusak's father told him the cause of death but the lawyer declined to provide it to The Record.

"It's a tragic event any time someone passes," Afolabi said. "There's plenty of sorrow to go around. There are no winners here."

Gusak had been in jail since he was arrested at his home on Aug. 15.

He was charged with sexually assaulting three girls — aged four to six — in the stairwells of three separate apartment buildings in Kitchener and Waterloo.

The first assault, in 2013, involved a four-year-old on Barrie Place in Waterloo. The second, in 2017, was a six-year-old on Patricia Avenue in Kitchener. The third, this year, was a four-year-old playing with friends near 16 Brybeck Cres. who was approached by a man inside an apartment building.
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