о! юваль поможет нам рассортировать прессу. Поделить на тех,

by matroshka [41 Views] 2019-12-02 16:59:38
In response to: перечитала критику "зе гардиан" на ювальскую писанину A Brief History of Humankind: by matroshka, 2019-12-02 16:47:42

кто "одобрямс" и тех, кто "осуждает.
вашингтонпост - за
зеГардиан - осуждает.

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>>The ownership group was assembled by National Post CEO Paul Godfrey in 2010 to bid for the chain of newspapers being sold by the financially troubled Canwest (the company's broadcasting assets were sold separately to Shaw Communications).
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