хей, душевные!

by matroshka [106 Views] 2019-12-06 15:18:21

How do I tell my boyfriend to shower?
My boyfriend is planning to take a shower with me. We are 16-years-old and we’ve been together for 3 months. Should I go for it?
How do I make my boyfriend to shower more often?
What is it like to have a shower with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
What are fun things to do in the shower with a boyfriend?
Have you ever had sex without a shower?
What's the best way I can tell my girlfriend she needs to take showers more often?
How often should a person shower?
In a long-term relationship, do you shower before sex, after sex, or both?
Why would my partner not want to take a shower with me? Or hesitate when I ask him if he wants to shower with me?
My boyfriend says we should shower together to save water and help the environment. Should I do it?
How can I get my boyfriend to understand that I would like him to shower at least once a day?
Why do I find it hard to shower often?
Do you like to shower or bathe with your partner/significant other? Isn't it the best activity besides sex? What do you think? How much intima...
How do I tell my wife she needs to shower?
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