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ничего хорошего, детей не увидим

Some examples of trips that the government does not consider essential include:

visiting family for a vacation;
coming to Canada for the birth of a new family member, although they may make an exception for the baby’s parent;
visiting a secondary home even for the purposes of upkeep and maintenance; or
attending the funeral of a family member, as quarantine measures in Canada already limit the number of attendees allowed at funerals under provincial restrictions.
What about family reunification?

Family ties will not automatically qualify as essential travel. Travelling family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents must prove that they are travelling for an essential reason such as:

taking up full-time residence in Canada, which includes prospective permanent residents as well as temporary residents who are coming to Canada to live with immediate family members;
caring for sick family members or family members who are otherwise unable to care for themselves when no other arrangements can be made, the 14-day quarantine for travellers will still factor into whether the travel is considered discretionary; or
shared custody agreement across borders, as this would be in compliance with a court order.
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