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4. International wine trade

In 2018 the world wine market – considered here as the sum of the exports of all countries – seems to
have shown modest growth compared with the 2017 level in terms of volume (+0.4%), with 108.0 mhl,
and an increase in terms of value by 1.2%, to reach 31.3bn EUR7
Exports in terms of volume:
 Spain was still the biggest exporter in terms of volume with 20.9 mhl, representing 19.4% of the
global market.
 Developments in export volumes are contrasting, depending on the country. Increases can be
observed in the exports from Australia, the United States and Argentina compared with 2017.
However, reductions in exports are recorded for Spain, Italy, France, Chile and South Africa
between 2017 and 2018.

Exports in terms of value:
France was still the biggest world exporter in terms of value , with 9.3bn EUR exported in 2018.
 There were rises in exports in the main European exporting countries in particular: France (+2.8%),
Italy (+3.3%), Spain (+1.9%), Germany (+2.6%) and Portugal (+3.1%). The only country outside
Europe to increase the value of its exports was Australia (+3.2%). The most significant decreases
concerned the United States (-6.2%), Argentina (-5.5%), Chile (-5.2%) and New Zealand (-4.6%)
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