Honda recalls Odysseys and Elements to address concerns about brake pedals

by неталекс [289 Views] 2010-03-16 15:44:31

TORONTO - Honda Canada says it is recalling thousands of vehicles in Canada after some of its customers complained about the feel of brake pedals.

Honda says the recall affects 24,680 Odysseys and 4,137 Elements from the 2007-08 model year. It follows complaints that brake pedals felt "soft" or had to be pushed lower and lower over time before the vehicle would stop.

The company says there have been no confirmed accidents in Canada related to the problem and it will begin notifying customers directly at the end of April.

Honda's competitor Toyota has spent months fighting a major hit to its reputation after recalling millions of vehicles around the world, including 270,000 in Canada, due to problems with a sticky accelerator pedal.

Toyota has also had its own brake-related recall, covering 3,300 Prius hybrids in Canada due to complaints of inconsistent brake feel.

Toyota's top brass were in Ottawa today, answering questions from a House of Commons committee about its recalls.
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